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Miss You Tess and Gus are meant to be They just haven t met properly yet And perhaps they never will Today is the first day of the rest of your life is the motto on a plate in the kitchen at home and Tess can

Tess and Gus are meant to be They just haven t met properly yet And perhaps they never will Today is the first day of the rest of your life is the motto on a plate in the kitchen at home, and Tess can t get it out of her head, even though she s in Florence for a final, idyllic holiday before university Her life is about to change forever but not in the way she eTess and Gus are meant to be They just haven t met properly yet And perhaps they never will Today is the first day of the rest of your life is the motto on a plate in the kitchen at home, and Tess can t get it out of her head, even though she s in Florence for a final, idyllic holiday before university Her life is about to change forever but not in the way she expects Gus and his parents are also on holiday in Florence Their lives have already changed suddenly and dramatically Gus tries to be a dutiful son, but longs to escape and discover what sort of person he is going to be For one day, the paths of an eighteen year old girl and boy criss cross before they each return to England.Over the course of the next sixteen years, life and love will offer them very different challenges Separated by distance and fate, there s no way the two of them are ever going to meet each other properly or is there

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    Kate Eberlen grew up in a small town thirty miles from London and spent her childhood reading books and longing to escape She studied Classics at Oxford University before working in publishing and as a teacher Kate now lives on the south coast of England, but spends as much time as she can in Italy, a country she loves She is married with one son.

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  • A romance novel with a heart on the cover Two characters who are meant to be Alternating first person narratives following them through their lives Sound familiar and wearingly clich d Kate Eberlen might not have made herself immediately appealing to the critic s eye, but in her novel Miss You she has written an interesting, enjoyable and immersive work that is both light and literary, and a gently provocative read.We re introduced to the main characters in 1997, when Tess and her best friend Do [...]

  • I m not really sure if two stars is an okay rating because a I didn t really read this book properly and b if I had read it properly and it would have been the right time and stuff, I might have liked it Maybe.OK, so the book is about Tess and Gus, who meet in Italy when they are each on vacation They both go back to England the next day and their paths separate In the next 16 years they meet than once again, but they never really get to know each other I think the story itself sounds lovely an [...]

  • Sinto a tua Falta tem todas as caracter sticas do g nero chick lit e dentro dessa categoria um dos melhores que tenho lido nos ltimos tempos O enredo parece inspirar se no livro Um Dia de David Nicholls que chega a ser mencionado a determinada altura Estamos perante duas vidas que nunca se cruzam e que s o narradas em paralelo ao longo dos anos A hist ria est muito bem estruturada, tendo a autora optado por se focar em temas como a morte, a fam lia, o alcoolismo, o cancro e o s ndrome de Asperge [...]

  • Three things 1 The book felt a little too much like a confluence of One Day and Love, Rosie, down to the affairs, accidental pregnancies, culinary inspired careers and Tess s desire to become a writer 2 Why is it that women in these books are always borderline pathetic They re always self sacrificing, giving up careers, having affairs and waiting for rich friends to fix their problems No, damn it Go fix your own life Go look at Gwenyth Paltrow in Sliding Doors and emultate her It s not a problem [...]

  • Para primeiro livro da autora n o est malgostei Achei a 5 parte um pouco apressada e o final muito corrido Achei que fosse mais rom ntico do que e para mim o titulo nem se refere saudade entre os dois protagonistas.Aborda alguns temas s rios como o cancro, s ndrome de Asperger, alcoolismo e o adult rio A minha personagem preferida foi a Hope Curiosa para ler mais trabalhos da autora no futuro Claro que aqui o que interessa perceber se Tess e Gus se v o encontrar outra vez e o que parece muito pr [...]

  • Thank you netgalley for approving my request for this book, although not out til August I had heard great things already I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end It is a wonderfully intimate story following two very endearing characters who are unaware of each other As the chapters progressed I felt and engrossed in Tess and Gus s lives, so much so I feel bereft now that I have finished the book I miss the characters already and feel this book will stay with me for a long time to com [...]

  • Que desenga de libro, lo empece con muchas ganas por la sipnosis pero seg n va avanzando el libro veo que no tiene nada que ver y me siento defraudadaEs la historia durante 20 a os de dos personas con sus penasy alegr as , con una historias muy duras por enfermedades y muertes pero en ning n momento se conocen y llega el 90% se conocen, se enamoran y se quieren casar No se lo ceee nadie ni la autora No digo que el libro sea malo que no lo es si ves las historias con perspectiva pero no tiene nad [...]

  • I had a hard time with this book You see it has been compared to One Day, a novel that revolved around two people always missing their chance, until they don t but then life gets in the way A really heart warming love story that had me in tears at the end.Miss You is about two people, Tess and Gus, who were both in Florence at the same time they were in the same church, they saw one another and that s it They aren t two people who know one another, who are simply being to bull headed to fall in [...]

  • DestinoSer que quando nascemos j temos um destino tra ado ou somos n s que constru mos esse destino Quando estava a meio desta leitura, foi estas as perguntas que me questionei Isto porque a minha m e tem sempre a conversa de n s quando nascemos j temos o nosso destino tra ado, se ele o quis assim temos que o aceitar e saber viver com ele.Tenho sempre a resposta m e, o destino somos n s que o constru mos no nosso dia a dia.Depois de ler este livro, come o a pensar se a minha m e n o ter raz o Go [...]

  • An Miss You scheiden sich ja derzeit die Geister, denn die einen lieben dieses Buch, die anderen hegen eher eine Abneigung Da ich mal wieder neugierig war, wollte ich dem Buch trotz kleinerer Skepsis eine Chance geben und habe es fast in einem Rutsch gelesen Nun, in einem Rutsch durchlesen klingt ja eigentlich zun chst positiv, denn dies ist immerhin ein Zeichen daf r, dass sich die Geschichte leicht und schnell lesen l sst Dennoch besitzt die Geschichte aber auch einige Schw chen, sodass ich eh [...]

  • MISS YOU is a story of missed connections about two people who are perfect for each other but never meet over the course of fifteen years.Tess and Gus first meet briefly in Florence as teenagers she while on holiday with her best friend, Doll and he while on a trip with his parents who are still grieving after losing his older brother in a skiing accident Over the next several years, both of their lives take them on journeys neither of them saw coming Serendipitously, they almost meet again seve [...]

  • In Miss You, Kate Eberlen explores the idea of whether or not there is a person for everyone, a person that matches them so well that any other relationship will pale in comparison Are our relationships fate or happenstance We meet Gus and Tess in this book and the readers can see that they would be perfect for each other They don t know each other and they will spend the entire book crossing paths but not knowing each other Will true love be found I don t necessarily believe in fate when it com [...]

  • The best way to enjoy this novel is to avoid reading the blurb and go into it with no expectations about the plot It is a thoroughly engaging saga about two people and the directions their lives take over the years on the path to maturity Both Tess and Gus are intricately drawn characters who feel and act so realistically that readers will likely miss them once the book is complete Once the reader gets into the rhythm of the story, the tale is difficult to put down until the conclusion.Tess and [...]

  • Maybe chick lit is just not for me, or maybe this book was just really bad I didn t absolutely hate it like other one star books it was just really, really bad Denne bog er modtaget af Politikens Forlag som anmeldereksemplar Alle ord og holdninger er mine egne The characters knowingly screw up their own lives time and time again, and frankly it s incredibly annoying The book is so full of clich s, that even the original elements in the story seem worn out and weary I had hoped for a warm and hea [...]

  • Adorei, est nas minhas leituras de preferidos 2017.Um livro que n o fala apenas de amor e romance Ele saltita por temas t o importantes como a morte, o alcoolismo, fam lias pouco estruturadas, rela es de pais e filhos, de irm os, de doen as como o Cancro e o S ndroma de Asperger.Uma leitura que nos toca no cora o de um modo especial, viajamos um pouco pela Inglaterra e por It lia e sempre aprendendo que nas coisas mais simples poderemos encontrar a felicidade

  • Las vidas de Tess y de Gus se cruzan en Florencia y tienen que pasar casi dos d cadas hasta que se vuelvan a encontrar y entre ellos surja el verdadero amor.Quer a probar algo distinto y dejar un poco de lado las t picas novelas de romance que suelo leer y cre que esta cumplir a mis expectativas y que ser a buena, m s que nada por lo que se dec a en la portada pero la verdad es que tanto esperar para nada Os voy a ser sincera y desde ya os digo que la famosa historia de amor se desarrolla al fin [...]

  • Regular readers of my reviews will be shocked that I read this book which probably can be classified as romance Indeed, it reminded me of my Maeve Binchy loving days as it was a little saga like and not necessarily in a bad way.Tess and Gus meet but barely when they re 18 and just out of school It s not particularly memorable but both seem to sense something in the other a connection of sorts recognising a kindred spirit perhaps.Their lives move on, though because we re following both we re priv [...]

  • 2.5Der Klappentext hebt die au ergew hnliche Liebesgeschichte zwischen Tess und Gus vor, denn die beiden laufen sich immer mal wieder auf den Weg, aber es dauert bis zu sie zusammenfinden Ich habe von Miss you eine ber hrende und romantische Liebesgeschichte erwartet, leider wurden meine Erwartungen nicht erf llt.Die Liebesgeschichte kommt in diesem Buch viel zu kurz Mehr Details hierzu w rden die Geschichte jedoch spoilern Dieses Buch ist f r mich nicht wirklich eine Liebesgeschichte und diese [...]

  • 4,5 No geral gostei bastante, apesar de a autora andar a saltitar sistematicamente entre Tess e Gus, mas consegue cativar para continuarmos a ler Peca por andar muito tempo a enredar sobre os dois personagens e na ltima parte ter acabado a meu ver precipitadamente

  • Beginning in August 1997, Miss You follows the lives of Tess and Gus In 1997, they are both 18 years old and about to go to university following holidays in Italy However, life is never as simple or straightforward as you expect Gus does begin his medical degree but Tess finds herself at home, taking care of her 5 year old sister following the death of her mother Tess and Gus found their paths crossing very briefly in Italy, they should have met at university and there are fleeting encounters an [...]

  • Wat een fijn boek Heel veel liefde, maar ook veel andere mooie dingen, waardoor het geen puur romantisch verhaal is.

  • Miss You covers 18 years of separate lives of August Gus and Theresa Tess Tree after they briefly meet but don t really connect while both on vacation in Italy in 1997 They both deal with their respective launching, family dramas, friendships, other relatinships, etc Told in alternating chapters, they keep having glimpses and near misses over 18 years It reminded me of alternate reality books like Maybe in Another Life and The Post Birthday World in that it was repetitive, with periods of times [...]

  • wat een fijn boek is dit, en zeker rond de kersttijd, want dan heb ik extra veel zin in dit soort verhalen lief, romantisch, heel erg duidelijk een hommage aan de films van Richard Curtis echt van genoten.

  • Glad och full av intryck och framtidsplaner kommer Tess hem efter att ha t gluffat i Europa med sin b sta v n Doll Kontrasten mot gatan hemma, d r allt r sig precis likt, blir en stor besvikelse Tess k nner starkt att hon r f rdig med kvarteret d r hon vuxit upp och hon ser fram emot att b rja p universitetet och starta sitt nya liv Hon utg r fr n att pappan r p puben som vanligt, men hon blir f rv nad ver att varken hennes mamma eller lillasyster m ter henne n r hon kommer hem, efter att ha var [...]

  • This was a weird one for me I liked the idea of the story, but I don t believe the author has executed it as well as they could have So much infidelity and just general disloyalty were excessive throughout the entire book And at the end of it all, we only managed to get a couple of chapters with the two leading character and to me, it was rushed, and there was zero chemistry and reasoning for them to even end up together.I know how the author wanted it to be, I could see where she was going with [...]

  • Este um daqueles livros que eu chamo de mentirosos Ao olharmos para a capa e para o t tulo parece que nos vamos cruzar com um livro lamechares e cheio de romantismo Podia ser um livro desse g nero, s que n o Isto afasta os leitores que n o gostam de um tipo de livro fortemente marcado pelo romance Este livro tem romance, mas vai muito mais al m do simples casal que se apaixona e que tem mil e um obst culos at terem o seu felizes para sempre.Opini o completa em por detras das palavrass

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