The Egg Thief

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The Egg Thief Young Georgie wakes up to a morning of chores back in s Pennsylvania when he gets the bad news someone has stolen all the eggs in the henhouse The culprit is Buster a stray dog who takes Georgie

Young Georgie wakes up to a morning of chores back in 1920s Pennsylvania when he gets the bad news someone has stolen all the eggs in the henhouse The culprit is Buster, a stray dog who takes Georgie on an adventure to find eggs Follow Buster and Georgie and their mischievous antics in this heartwarming tale of farm life in America s storied past.

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    Dear Readers I wrote the Legends of Orkney series for my twelve year old son who challenged me to write something he would enjoy reading The Red Sun is filled with exciting characters who struggle to find their true path Sam learns so much about his past and how to overcome his anger, but will he continue to use his power for good or will he be drawn to the dark side I hope you enjoy reading the Legends of Orkney series as much as I enjoyed writing them for you The picture book series are dedicated to my father, the original Coal Thief Keep reading Alane AdamsAlane Adams grew up in an old Quaker town called Whittier in Southern California Adams attended Whittier High School and was active in every possible sport including basketball proudly claiming the nickname Breakaway Adams and swimming and diving For college, Alane attended the University of Southern California where she wanted to be an English major, but family convinced her to become an accountant to help run a family business After spending the next few decades helping to build one of the largest recycling companies on the West Coast, Alane left the family business behind to pursue her writing career Before launching into writing full time, Alane began teaching full time at a local university Finally, the Legends of Orkney series was born when her then 12 year old son challenged Alane to write a book he could read She hasn t stopped writing since that day.Alane s favorite books include any story involving folklore, fantasy and fairytales When Alane is not writing or teaching, she is hanging out with her three boys, each who have grown up having adventures to rival those of her characters Find out at AlaneAdams

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  • A little bit longer paragraphs on each page Georgie is tasked with gathering the eggs each day He meets Buster, a dog and egg thief Since Georgie wants to keep Buster as a new pet, he in turn, resorts to trying to steal eggs from the ducks and the neighbor I didn t like that in the ending the old lady neighbor who generously lets Georgie take some eggs asks him to come again and collect eggs and maybe help repair the coup and I was left with this thought that Georgie wasn t going to go to her pl [...]

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book Alane Adams has a way with words that makes the story truly come to life while Lauren Gallegos illustrations draw you in deep to the story This is the second book about young Georgie The story is set in Pennsylvania during 1920 s Georgie is sent to gather the eggs but soon discovers all the eggs are gone Initially he thought it was a wolf that was hiding in the corner of the henhouse but he realizes the wolf is a stray dog Not wanting his mother to send the dog to the [...]

  • I received a copy of The Egg Thief and The Coal Thief from the author for an honest review.These books are a wonderful peek into America s past.I love a story with a good moral, and both of these books certainly teach us a thing or two They show us that even though circumstances may be difficult, and may seem beyond our control, if we help others we will help ourselves.My daughter loves trains, so her favourite was obviously The Coal Thief This book led us to quite a few discussions about what l [...]

  • I first fell in love with Gerogie when I read THE COAL THIEF which is the first book featuring Georgie I was completely enthralled with THE COAL THIEF and remember feeling moved after reading it I think I may love THE EGG THIEF even I feel like there is a perfect marriage between the writer and the illustrator for this series because they each perfectly capture the essence of the era, weather, moods, characters and setting brilliantly There is such richness, detail and depth to both the story a [...]

  • What a beautiful illustrated book As a teacher, grandmother, and dog lover, I highly recommend this book Great to use in a can ask your students if they have any chores they do around the housed then lead into the story withWho knew doing chores could lead to so much trouble Alane Adams writes a cute story set in the 1920s on a rural farm with young Georgie asked to do his morning chores of collecting eggs for his mom.but when he gets to the chicken coopl the eggs are gone.but he s [...]

  • I love Alane Adams work, whether it is her children s illustrated books or her books for teens and adults.Georgie goes through quite the ordeal to retrieve some eggs The story line is cute yet has a message built in for the young reader I would definitely buy this book for my young niece and nephew I could see myself reading it to them for years and it becoming one of their childhood favorites The illustrations go along wonderfully with the words of Ms Adams.I received a copy of this book on Net [...]

  • I received a copy of this book free, through Giveaways.Georgie s morning adventures in making a friend and doing his chore lead him to field and neighbor An interesting story with the kinds of little twists and turns that lead to many a discussion with a child, and delightful illustrations of sad faced Georgie and his adventure.I look forward to reading this with my grandsons.

  • Adams has another hit in her Thief series picture books Young Georgie sets out to do his chores in 1920 s Pennsylvania and ends up on a fun adventure with Buster Along the way he learns a very valuable lesson it s always good to help out your neighbors The story unfolds beautifully marrying Adams words with Gallegos pictures The reader is transported back to an era without cell phones and video games This is a beautiful book that will be enjoyed over and over again

  • I received this book from First Reads in exchange for an honest reviewThis is an adorable, sweet book that both parents and children will love The artwork is stunning, the plot is brilliant and witty, and the whole book is well put together I never got to read the authors other book The Coal Thief , but regardless my daughter and I highly enjoyed this book She wants me to read it to her every night I highly recommend this book You won t be disappointed.

  • The Egg Thief by Alane Adams, illustrated by Lauren Gallegos, is an excellent story The illustrations are just as wonderful, they set the mood tone of the story A great story that teaches young older readers about making choices The easy path is not always the best road to travel, because when you make the right choice often seen as the most difficult everything turns out alright in the end I received this book in a giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

  • I won this book in a Giveaway for a fair and honest review This is a nice little story about Georgie whose chore of collecting eggs turns into a little adventure where he meets a furry friend and helps a neighbor The illustrations in the book were great I plan to give this book to a first grade teacher to keep in her classroom.

  • I won this book free on the Good reads giveaway I read this book with my 8 and 6 year old They both really loved the plot and the lesson that it is never a good idea to steal My 6 year old often wondered where Georgie s pail was The illustrations were beautiful as well A delightful children s book with a positive message

  • I love the way it was written to be portrayed many, many years ago My 2 year old loves this book and wants me to read it over and over I think the illustrations are wonderful and keeps his attention.

  • My nephew and nieces loves this book The story is adorable and has wonderful illustrations.I won this from a giveaway

  • I won this in a giveawayThis book was so cute and I loved the artwork Can t wait to read it to the little one

  • I won this book on Wonderful illustrations with a cute story This book will be going in my Little Free Library for a neighborhood youngster to enjoy.

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