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N o H Dia F cil N o h dia f cil um retrato da vida nas equipes do Seal e o nico relato interno sobre a Opera o Lan a de Netuno realizada em o de maio de que resultou na morte do terrorista Osama bin Laden Des

N o h dia f cil um retrato da vida nas equipes do Seal e o nico relato interno sobre a Opera o Lan a de Netuno, realizada em 1o de maio de 2011, que resultou na morte do terrorista Osama bin Laden.Desde a pane no helic ptero Black Hawk que quase fez com que a miss o fosse abortada at o comunicado pelo r dio via sat lite confirmando que o alvo estava morto, a opeN o h dia f cil um retrato da vida nas equipes do Seal e o nico relato interno sobre a Opera o Lan a de Netuno, realizada em 1o de maio de 2011, que resultou na morte do terrorista Osama bin Laden.Desde a pane no helic ptero Black Hawk que quase fez com que a miss o fosse abortada at o comunicado pelo r dio via sat lite confirmando que o alvo estava morto, a opera o dos vinte e quatro homens na propriedade secreta de Bin Laden recontada em m nimos detalhes.Das ruas de Badg ao resgate do capit o Richard Phillips no oceano ndico das montanhas ao leste de Cabul ao terceiro andar do esconderijo de Osama bin Laden em Abbottabad, no Paquist o N o h dia f cil coloca o leitor dentro de uma das mais surpreendentes tropas de elite do mundo.Mark Owen, ex membro do Grupo para o Desenvolvimento de Opera es Especiais da Marinha dos Estados Unidos, mais conhecido como Equipe Seis do Seal, foi l der de uma das mais memor veis opera es especiais da hist ria recente, assim como de in meras outras miss es que nunca chegaram s manchetes.

  • ☆ Não Há Dia Fácil ☆ Mark Owen Kevin Maurer Donaldson M. Garschagen Berilo Vargas
    199 Mark Owen Kevin Maurer Donaldson M. Garschagen Berilo Vargas

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    Mark Owen is the pseudonym of a former Navy SEAL.Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.

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  • Every now and then I like to take a break from reading romance, and since I do enjoy a good military romance, I thought I d be interested in getting the low down from a real military hero No Easy Day is an autobiography memoir from retired Navy SEAL Mark Owen his alias that largely deals with the operation to capture kill Osama Bin Laden.The author in disguise being interviewed on 60 Minutes The book was always interesting, and it grabs you from the first chapters as members of SEAL Team 6 are o [...]

  • A quick, unimpressive read from a literary point of view Nearly half the book covers events loosely or not related to the Usama bin Laden UBL mission If all you want is the account of the preparation for and execution of the raid on Bin Laden s compound, you can start roughly halfway through the book and not miss anything specifically pertinent The narrative with regard to the raid that killed UBL, as a first hand account of the events is enlightening in its contradictions to some of the major d [...]

  • This is not a well written book, nor is it even an exciting one, but it brings up several important questions The man s exploits are exciting and laudable, but the writing style does them little credit Only the last few chapters go into any depth on the raid itself The ghost writer did a rather substandard job at taking the author s stories and turning them into a readable book There are some interesting technical bits near the beginning, but most of the rest is rather dry stuff Mr Owens interes [...]

  • FEW BOOKS HAVE generated as much buzz in as short a time as No Easy Day by Mark Owen, a former Navy SEAL who participated in the mission that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden While media have understandably focused on the bin Laden narrative, and the differences between it and the Obama administration s story of the raid, it s important to note something about this book at the outset While Operation Neptune Spear ONS , the bin Laden mission, is the hook and a singularly effective one at th [...]

  • This is a review of the book, not of the author I feel I have to title my review this way because although I m very glad this event happened, and I have boundless admiration for the people who participated in the raid, including the author, I can t honestly say it was a great book.To be fair to Mark Owen , his ghostwriter, Kevin Maurer, does bear some responsibility for taking a tired, pseudo action thriller approach to the story The first half of the book is a very mediocre, dramatized montage [...]

  • Many may disagree with this book being written, with Matt Bissonnette breaking his oath of secrecy as a Seal and a member of the US Armed Forces I am in no doubt that he has indeed done so He has publicly stated, and does so in the book, that his reasons are first and foremost that he felt such an important mission should be documented and in the public domain He knew he would catch a lot of flack for it He decided to sacrifice his own honor for the public good the good of reminding all of us th [...]

  • The only easy day was yesterday Long live the brotherhood This book is written by Navy SEAL Mark Owen with assistance provided by Kevin Maurer The action discussed is describing what is arguably one of the most influential events of the 21st century The plan to find and assassinate the Western world s most despised real life tyrant Osama Bin Laden The book is written in three sections Mark s youth as a navy SEAL working his way through BUD S training and then his process joining the elite unit o [...]

  • I always enjoy a good book that shows some of the behind the scenes as they relate to historical or political events In this book, the author known as Mark Owen paints a good picture of the life of a Navy SEAL that culminates in the killing of Osama Bin Laden The lead up to its release surely pushed it to the top of the best seller s list, which is solely the fault of the DOD and the Pentagon Let them have their freak out session and quit their bitching It seems as though some within the US Gove [...]

  • I think this is an important book that needs to be read, the same way the Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell needs to be read With that said, it started off a little rough for me I felt like I was in a debriefing room, very cold and no depth That changed at the 40% mark and his personality came through I also think you can t say or type this isn t political It s all political no matter the party in the White House.I read this book not so much to read the facts about the mission, I wanted to see if [...]

  • I Know the controversy I ve also been on the fence about whether I wanted to read it, but curiosity won What can I say It was a short fence I was captivated by the story and didn t want to put it down In fact, I had just made it to the point where they were about to hit the third floor of the compound when the pilot mentioned we were beginning our final descent and all electronic devices needed to be turned off NOOOOOoOoOOoOoOoOoOo Did I mention it was a three hour flight Yeah Captivated, I tell [...]

  • After finishing the book, I can honestly say that there was nothing revealed in this book, that I haven t already seen on the History channel a dozen times The person who revealed the details to the mission, was our own President and his band of merry minions I know the SEALs have a code about not discussing their work, but I m curious as to what the expiration date on that silence is Many SEALs have told their stories in books and never garnered such negative reactions.The book is very interest [...]

  • I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions I had mixed feelings about purchasing and reading this book I saw Mark interviewed, but I wanted to see why a Seal would write a book about a Seal mission I thought there was a code among the Seals, so I googled and found this sentence included in the Seals code I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions My concern was about a Seal writing about a Seal mission But I admit I was curio [...]

  • So I saw someone reading this on the train the other day, and we ended up talking about it, and the whole conversation reminded me I never did write a review for No Easy Day D oh Well here it is As always, I don t rate nonfiction, but in this case it s a cop out as much as my personal policy because I wholeheartedly agree with the criticisms of the book, but I also believe Mark Owen wrote this exactly the way he intended to, and in a way, it s like how do you criticize someone for writing exactl [...]

  • I m conflicted about this book It was a fascinating book I read it in a day It was also a disturbing book It s not just about the killing of Osama bin Laden, though that is written in graphic detail, way than was necessary I thought but at least we know now why no pictures were released It s really an autobiography of the author s decade as a SEAL He capitalizes on the Bin Laden raid by using it in his title There s a bit of arrogance that comes through, particularly in the epilogue He wanted t [...]

  • Many will have already seen the movie but this book, from a member of the SEAL team that killed Osama Bin Laden is well worth the read for lessons about persistence, planning, teamwork, and operations Highly recommended, especially for Orion and Action Adventure groups.

  • The only easy day was yesterday Navy SEAL mottoMy father was in the Navy, and even though I knew the military influenced my home life, it wasn t until reading this book that it became blaringly obvious just how much My father left the military before I was born so I was a military brat without the military Certain sayings and actions were common in my household and while I knew they came from the father, and from the Navy, I hadn t stopped to really think about it before As a former history majo [...]

  • I read this book in one sitting It is both short and hard to put down, which was an excellent choice on the part of the authors While not great, the writing style is just passable enough to not get in the way too often although I didn t really need to be told seven times that SEALs wear 60 lbs of gear once was enough But this is a book that you read because it is topical, historical, and eye opening, not because of the writing quality.The book is also well structured to give as detailed an accou [...]

  • I learned some really interesting things in this book covers the mission to kill Bin Laden in depth during the last third of the book The first 2 3rds was good, I ve just read many books detailing the same kind of training and missions I m still amazed at what these guys can pull off and the heroism they consistently embrace in the way they live their lives Some funny things about dealing with the White House before and after the raid At the end he says Don t just live, but live for a purpose bi [...]

  • This book is a mess.First, though, like several other reviewers, I feel the need to point out that I m reviewing the book, not the events nor the soldier.I completely understand why this book was published Just think of the editor who saw the notes for this book cross his desk the personal memoir of a Navy SEAL who was literally in the room with Osama bin Laden s freshly bullet riddled body I m sure this book is gold And yet, it is a fool s gold, for nothing of substance exists in these pages.Th [...]

  • No Easy Day is no great book But it does provide a first hand account of a mission which many of us would consider heroic and extremely dangerous and absolutely necessary The dissonance created in reading this book is due to the incredible nature of the story in contrast to the dull writing style in which it is presented But the story won out for me and I read the book in one sitting.Much of the book is devoted to the author s accounts of his grueling training as a Navy SEAL, which does provide [...]

  • The book is a bit of a letdown It gives an insight into the life of a Navy SEAL and only a broad overview of the actual mission, which incidentally, happens to be the title of the book Only a small portion of the book actually deals with the mission After reading it, I feel that an account of the CIA Analyst who tracked Bin Laden down would make a interesting read.

  • unabridged approx 7hrs by Mark Owenwith Kevin Maurerread by Holter Grahamblurb For the first time anywhere, the first person account of the planning and execution of the Bin Laden raid from a Navy Seal who confronted the terrorist mastermind and witnessed his final moments.From the streets of Iraq to the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips in the Indian Ocean, and from the mountaintops of Afghanistan to the third floor of Osama bin Laden s compound, operator Mark Owen of the U.S Naval Special War [...]

  • It was interesting to read how Osama Bin Laden reacted the last moments of his life What a coward he was I think I expected to be intrigued by the story of what happened that day Overall I did enjoy reading this Seal s story and his background on how he became a Navy Seal Being a Navy Wife has made me appreciate out military personnel and the sacrifices that they and their families make God bless all of our military men women God bless America.

  • loved this book couldn t hardly put it down.If you ve read and liked any of the Green Team books by Richard Marcinko, I d highly recommend this one too.

  • Like most Americans I had an insatiable curiosity about the men who took down Osama bin Laden Unlike most Americans I didn t actively seek the information because I knew how dangerous it would be for the men who put their lives on the line, day in and day out, to keep America safe No Easy Day The Autobriography of a Navy SEAL is the autobiography of Navy SEAL Team Six team DEVGRU team leader, Mark Owens which is not his real name by the way It is also a firsthand account of the mission that kill [...]

  • No Easy Day tells the tale of a Navy SEAL s life This particular author, who uses an alias in an ultimately futile attempt to hide his true identity, was a SEAL for about ten years As part of his career, he participated in the mission that successfully killed Osama Bin Laden, codenamed Operation Neptune Spear.After years of training and hundreds of missions, Mark Owen entered a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan along with 23 other SEALs, an interpreter, an explosives guy, and a combat dog named C [...]

  • Like any skeptic news consumer I assumed the official version of how OBL had his brains blown out by Navy Seals was highly distorted at best and totally inaccurate at worst I didn t doubt that they killed him but I hoped the official story wasn t a complete fairy tale dramatization like the Jessica Lynch rescue or an outright lie like the Pat Tillman coverup I couldn t give a rat s ass if the Seals gunned him down in cold blood or shot him in self defense, and I doubt anyone else in America woul [...]

  • This is an excellent, informative book The author makes it a point to tell us that it s not about him alone but about and dedicated to all the Special Ops men and women in the U.S armed forces The book bears that out From a back story that gives us a look at this specific SEAL s life the book leads us to the raid that brought about the end of the search for Osama Bin Laden I don t think you ll have much trouble reading this one The story is an interesting one it draws you into the life of a SEAL [...]

  • I literally read this in the first 24 hours after it was released It s not a long read, and overall is often very engaging and interesting I agree with the author that it was not meant as a political book At said, it is very clear that despite making an extremely difficult and ballsy decision, President Obama is not well regarded by the author or, presumably, his colleagues I suspect that the culture of DevGru is such that any leader who is not regarded as a strong backer of the military in thes [...]

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